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I have experience composing music for a variety of purposes, including ensemble performances, live theatre, electronic music, and solo instrumental performance. I have written in a variety of styles—from pop, traditional acoustic, to experimental music—and can create custom compositions to fit your specific needs. Contact me to discuss your composition needs and pricing.

Theory and Composition Lessons

I see music as a combination of language, mathematics, and art.  It follows a distinct logic of sound and shape.  We will start the study of composition studying the basic building blocks of music theory, and further explore shapes made from these elements through whatever music intrigues you. 

Music being a language means that anyone playing it has the freedom to create their own dialect.  It’s my job to make that knowledge empower you.  Writing music is easy, and understanding what you write and why it works can be easy too!  


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For more information about hiring me for lessons, performance or composition, please fill out the contact form below. Expect a reply within 24 hours. I look forward to working with you!!